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Expert Water Heaters Installation & Repair Services in Milford, CT

Water Heaters Repair & Installation Milford, CTHot water is an essential part of everyday life. We need hot water in order to perform simple tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, and keeping up on personal hygiene. Most homes throughout Milford, CT schedule water heater installation to ensure a steady supply of hot water is readily accessible to the entire family or office. Should you be missing a water heater, however, Rick’s Plumbing has you covered.

Water Heaters Repairs

We have expert repair technicians awaiting your phone call for whenever your water heater begins to fail. Unfortunately, after heavy use, it may be a matter of time before your home’s water heater begins to falter and stumble. Repair services can ensure your same water heater continues working for years to come.

Water Heaters Replacement

water heaters repairsIt is highly recommended that you replace the water heater in your home or office after ten years of use. Most modern water heaters these days only have a lifespan of between eight to 12 years, though some may vary.

Types of Water Heaters

There are two types of water heaters currently on the market: tank and tankless heaters. Tank water heaters are the most common. These models store water at the right temperature for when you are ready. A tankless system, however, heats the water as it is being used without storing any extra. We can help you with choosing the proper water heater as well as water heater installation.

Electric Water Heater

An electric water heater brings many benefits. First and foremost, electric water heaters tend to be much more efficient than standard gas models. Unlike electric water heaters, gas water heaters have a pilot light that wastes energy and gas. By switching to electric water heaters, you’ll save money on your energy bill! In addition, electric water heaters require less maintenance and supervision than gas water heaters. They also tend to need fewer repairs.

Do you have questions about your electric water heater? Are you trying to decide if it’s the right heater for you? If so, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Rick’s Plumbing today! We’re always happy to help.

Water Heater Maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance can ensure a long lifespan for your water heater. Have a professional enter your home or office every few months – every six months is usually enough – to ensure the system is running smoothly. The plumber will check the tank itself, the pipes, and every other working part.

Residential Water Heater

Are you considering purchasing a residential water heater? If so, you’ll need to know the various types of water heaters on the market today:

  1. Tankless Water Heaters. Tankless water heaters use heating coils to heat up water. This makes them the most energy-efficient choice.
  2. Storage Tank Water Heaters. This is the most common type of water heater. Storage tank models use an insulated tank to store and heat water.
  3. Heat Pumps. Heat pumps capture heat from the air and then transfer it to the water.

Contact Rick’s Plumbing if you have further questions about residential water heater models! We’re always happy to help.

Commercial Water Heaters

How do you decide which commercial water heater will best fit your needs? First, you’ll want to decide the size and capacity you want in a unit. Next, you should think about installation costs; determine your budget. Finally, you’ll need to do some research into each type of heater. There are several options available. You can divide commercial water heaters by the type of heating fuel they use: electric, gas, or solar. Consider the relative costs of each type of fuel. You can decide between the two types of heaters (storage tank and tankless) based on what storage options you have available.

Contact Rick’s Plumbing if you have further questions about commercial water heaters! We’re always happy to help.

While there are numerous types of water heaters available, there is only one company experienced enough to handle the job for you. Contact us or call Rick’s Plumbing at 203-874-6629 for water heater installation, repair, or maintenance.

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