We Offer Affordable Electric Water Heater Services to Homeowners in Milford CT, New Haven & Fairfield Counties

There are many benefits to choosing electric tank or tankless water heaters, and Rick’s Plumbing can help walk you through the pros and cons to electric hot water heaters before you commit to a new unit. We offer affordable electric water heater services to homeowners in Millford CT, New Haven, and Fairfield Counties with quality customer service and the best electric water heater brands on the market available.

I would recommend Rick's plumbing ,because of them.

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Both Mike and Scott were very professional and instilled confidence . They each took time for explanations to me. Then each took the time to explain what was needed and what they were doing ,via phone, to my brother .They were very polite. I would recommend Rick's plumbing ,because of them.
Marie H.

Electric Hot water heater Installation and Repair

One benefit in choosing an electric hot water heater is noticeable immediately in the installation process. Because there is no need for a traditional vent system required with gas or propane hot water heaters, electric hot water heaters require a lot less in installation. That is not to say that anyone should attempt a do-it-yourself install of an electric hot water heater. Please leave this task to the professionals at Rick’s Plumbing to ensure your system is routed through the appropriate power source(s) to avoid costly electrician services.

Electric Tankless Water Heater

Electric tankless water heaters are another option for those looking for an electric water heater. Electric tankless water heaters are typically lower profile units that are great for small space living. Tankless water heaters are a great energy efficient appliance, with hot water available on demand whenever and wherever you need it and no need for waste. Electric tankless water heaters carry all the benefits of electric tank hot water heaters with the added perk of lower monthly utility costs.

Why Choose us

Rick’s Plumbing has nearly three decades of experience in providing quality plumbing and heating services to our customers in the Milford, CT area. There is no hot water heater service that is too small for our time or too large for us to tackle. Whether you need a new unit installed, a leak fixed, or an issue troubleshooted, you can count on our professional technicians to provide you with the help you need. Give us a call today to get started!

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