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6 Common Mistakes of DIY Water Heater Installation

With the wealth of information available on the internet these days, more and more homeowners are learning how to tackle home improvement projects themselves instead of bringing in a professional. The DIY approach has its merits and benefits, including saving money. But sometimes cutting corners…

Pros and Cons of Dual-Element Water Heaters

Water heater technology has greatly improved in recent years. While tankless water heaters get a lot of attention, they’re not the only “new kid on the block.” If you’re looking for a more efficient way to produce hot water for your home but don’t want…

Why Won’t My Bathtub Hold Water?

Are your dreams of relaxing in a bubble bath going down the drain (literally)? Don’t get too disappointed. When you notice your tub water draining prematurely, the fix is usually quite simple.  Try the steps below and you’ll be back on your way to relaxation….

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