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What To Do When Your Water Is Discolored

Why Should You Repipe Your House? Several of our customers have at one time or the other complained of the sudden appearance of brown water coming out of their taps. If this has ever happened to you, it is important to understand that there are…

The Best Water Efficient Faucets For Your Home

It can be difficult to know which faucet is the most water efficient because so many factors are involved. How much running water you use per minute, how hot or cold that water is, and how well it mixes with air, all impact your savings….

Common Causes of a Smelly Shower

Showers are usually a relaxing aspect of an individual’s day. After a long, stressful day at work, you can’t think of anything better than getting into the shower and letting the water take all your stress away. However, there is also the other side to…

4 Reasons Why Your Toilet Is Slow to Fill

Is your toilet water taking too long to fill after a flush? This is a typical issue for households. There may be several issues leading up to this problem. While none are particularly serious or pricey to address, recognizing the problem may help you choose…

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