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If you are interested in boiler installation at your home or place of business, Rick’s Plumbing is the number one option in Milford, CT to handle such a task. For years now, our trained technicians have been working with and installing new boilers, ensuring the job is done correctly the very first time we enter your home or business. We use Burnham boilers due to their high quality and long-lasting nature that suits the customers’ needs.

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I would recommend Rick's plumbing ,because of them.

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Both Mike and Scott were very professional and instilled confidence . They each took time for explanations to me. Then each took the time to explain what was needed and what they were doing ,via phone, to my brother .They were very polite. I would recommend Rick's plumbing ,because of them.
Marie H.

Boiler Repair

Your boiler is basically a giant heater. Water is heated within the tank, then the hot water or steam will be distributed throughout the entire building via the plumbing pipes, leading to radiators, baseboards, or heaters. When one part of this line fails, the entire system can crash and require repairs from trained technicians.

Boiler Replacement

A trained technician can come into your home or business and check the entire boiler system to find any need for repairs. Should the problem be too much, however, a replacement may be required. A brand new Burnham boiler can take the system you already have installed and elevate the performance to ensure a higher quality of heating is achieved throughout the entire building. New boiler installation can even save you money in the long run.

Expert Tips
- Rick Jurzyk
Regular boiler maintenance is key to ensuring its optimal performance and longevity. Just like any other appliance, boilers require attention and care. Schedule an annual inspection by a professional technician to identify and address any potential issues before they escalate. Additionally, remember to bleed your radiators regularly to release trapped air, ensuring efficient heat distribution throughout your home. Lastly, be mindful of unusual noises or fluctuations in temperature, as they may indicate a problem. Don't hesitate to contact our expert team in New Haven & Fairfield Counties for prompt and reliable boiler services.
- Rick Jurzyk

Unlike the competition, we keep the hot water flowing while we work

When Rick’s Plumbing Service, Inc. gives a price for a major boiler change out or an oil to gas conversion, and the project is going to take more than one day, we provide temporary hot water via an electric water heater.

We have a licensed electrician come and put a temporary set of breakers in the electrical panel and wire in a temporary water heater. We then tie the hot and cold water lines into the heater and turn the power on.  And there you go, temporary hot water.

This allows you to stay in your home while we are doing the work.  Most of these jobs take multiple days with the need for permits and inspections of new gas lines.  A lot of times there isn’t a lot of room to place a new boiler next to an old boiler and keep the old boiler running while the new boiler is being installed.  However, the temporary water heater can be remotely located to make room for the new mechanical equipment.This process allows you to stay in your home, which means a less disruptive process.  Nobody wants to go several days without hot water or have to move out to a hotel while we are working on their home.  When we do the job they will only be without hot water for a few hours.

Buderus Boilers Repair

Rick’s Plumbing is proud to offer our Milford customers Buderus boilers for both commercial and residential uses. The Buderus company was founded in Germany back in 1731, so they know a thing or two about designing heating systems! Now part of the Bosch Thermotechnology Group, Buderus boilers offer one of the most consistent heating experiences, as well as increased energy savings. In fact, Buderus hot water boilers offer efficiency ranges between 81.5% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) and 96% AFUE. Our plumbing experts have been highly trained to provide complete installation, repair, and maintenance services for Buderus boilers, so if you’re looking to save money on your heating bills and take advantage of one of the best, most reliable brands in the industry, call Rick’s Plumbing today!

Boiler Installation by Expert Technician

Milford, CT trusts Rick’s Plumbing for boiler installation by an expert technician. Does your home use a boiler hot water system for heat? If it does, you know the benefits of using a boiler to keep your home warm and comfortable. If you’re considering a boiler hot water system to heat your home you’ll be happy to know that heat from a boiler is more even and lasts longer than forced-air heat. It also isn’t dry like forced-air heat, which can cause dry skin, chapped lips, and damaged woodwork, wood floors and furniture. Heat from a boiler is sent around your home through pipes instead of ductwork so you don’t have to worry about duct leaks causing you to lose heat. Boiler heat also won’t send dust, pet dander or other allergens around the house. Whether you are looking for boiler hot water system installation or looking to repair your existing system in the Milford, CT area call Rick’s Plumbing for an expert technician to warm your home.

Boiler Maintenance

Like most plumbing fixtures throughout your home, your boiler is susceptible to breaking down on occasion, especially after heavy use during the cold winter months. Should this happen, call in the very best plumbers at Rick’s Plumbing to get the boiler up and running once more. Sometimes it is a quick fix that is needed, other times you may require a more extensive approach to the repair. In any case, we’re the company for the job.

Contact Rick’s Plumbing for all of your boiler needs, whether it be boiler installation, repair, or simple maintenance jobs. Call 203-874-6629.

Different Types Of Boilers

Boilers serve as vital components in both residential and commercial heating systems. Understanding the various types of boilers can help you make informed decisions regarding installation, repair, and maintenance. Rick’s Plumbing Service, Inc. offers comprehensive services for all boiler types.

  • Oil Boilers: Oil boilers are common in older homes and properties, relying on petroleum-based fuel. While some may perceive oil boilers as inefficient, proper maintenance ensures optimal performance. We provide expert maintenance and repair services to keep oil boilers running efficiently.
  • Gas Boilers: Gas boilers utilize natural gas for heating, offering efficient performance when properly maintained. Timely repairs are crucial to avoid safety hazards associated with gas leaks or malfunctions. We specialize in diagnosing and repairing various gas boiler issues promptly and safely.
  • Wood Pellet Boilers: Wood pellet boilers are eco-friendly heating options, leveraging wood pellets for fuel. Despite their environmental benefits, they may pose challenges related to storage space and responsiveness to temperature changes. We offer expert installation and maintenance services for wood pellet boilers.
  • Combi Boilers: Combination (combi) boilers provide heating and hot water on demand, offering space-saving benefits. However, proper installation and regular maintenance are essential to ensure optimal performance. We specialize in installing and servicing combi boilers for residential and commercial properties.

Rick’s Plumbing Service, Inc. is your trusted partner for all boiler-related needs in Milford, CT, and surrounding areas. Our experienced technicians ensure safe and efficient boiler installations, repairs, and maintenance services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and ensure your boiler operates at peak performance throughout the year.

Why Choose Rick’s Plumbing Service, Inc.?

  • Experienced Technicians: Our team comprises certified technicians with extensive experience in boiler installation, repair, and maintenance.
  • Prompt Response: We prioritize timely response to service calls, ensuring minimal disruption to your heating system.
  • Comprehensive Services: From installation to ongoing maintenance, we offer a full range of boiler services to meet your needs.
  • Safety First: We adhere to strict safety protocols to protect your property and occupants during all service procedures.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to deliver exceptional service and lasting results.

Schedule Your Boiler Service Today

Don’t let boiler issues compromise your comfort and safety. Contact Rick’s Plumbing Service, Inc. today at 203-874-6629 to schedule professional boiler installation, repair, or maintenance services in Milford, CT, and nearby areas. Trust our expertise to keep your heating system running smoothly year-round.

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