Best Faucet Repair & Replacement Services in Milford, CT

faucet repair & replacement in milford, ctIf you wake up one morning and discover a leaky faucet in your kitchen or bathroom, chances are you need to call a professional for faucet repair and replacement. This is not an overly difficult job, but one that does benefit from the experience and knowledge of a professional plumber. Sometimes your faucet is simply outdated, and you would like them replaced to offer a better appearance. In any case, a certified technician from Rick’s Plumbing can tackle the job.

I would recommend Rick's plumbing ,because of them.

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Both Mike and Scott were very professional and instilled confidence . They each took time for explanations to me. Then each took the time to explain what was needed and what they were doing ,via phone, to my brother .They were very polite. I would recommend Rick's plumbing ,because of them.
Marie H.


If you live in an old home or are purchasing an old home to renovate, chances are high that the faucets in the building are either no longer up to code or have simply broken down. In the case of the latter, you can have these faucets repaired to working condition. Just think about that for a moment; no more dripping water noise as you wander the house each day.

Expert Tips
- Rick Jurzyk
When it comes to faucets, regular maintenance is key to ensuring their longevity and optimal performance. Make it a habit to check for any leaks or drips and promptly address them to prevent water wastage and potential damage. Additionally, clean your faucets regularly using mild soap and a soft cloth to remove any buildup or mineral deposits. Remember, a well-maintained faucet not only enhances the aesthetics of your space but also saves you money in the long run. For professional faucet services in New Haven & Fairfield Counties, trust our team to deliver exceptional results.
- Rick Jurzyk


For new homes, an entirely new faucet and plumbing system may have to be installed. Rick’s Plumbing has performed countless faucet repair and replacement jobs along with full installations. With a great deal of experience, our technicians are capable of installing a brand new faucet in no time at all. You choose the style and the room you want the faucet installed, and we’ll handle the hard work.


We briefly mentioned the possibility that the faucets in your home could no longer be up to code. In this case, the faucet must be replaced by a trained professional to ensure everything is in working order. Depending on the age of the faucet and the damage that our technician discovers, the job could be as simple as removing the aging faucet and replacing it with a brand new model. More advanced units are now available, which offer a sense of modernity to your home.

Faucets are susceptible to breaking down and requiring repairs over the years. If that is the case, call 203-874-6629 to speak with trained professionals at Rick’s Plumbing. We can assist you with faucet repair and replacement.

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