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Oil to Gas Conversion Experts in Milford, CT

Oil To Gas Conversion Experts Milford CtYou may have heard talk of switching from oil to natural gas and how it could save you money in the long run, and that is completely true, but did you know there are a few other advantages to using natural gas? Rick’s Plumbing is looking to inform homeowners and local businesses about oil to gas conversion and save them a bit of money. We can assess your entire building’s energy consumption and determine whether oil to gas conversion would be worth it in the long run. For most people, the switch is quite easy and is generally worth it.

Oil to Gas Conversion Cost

It is completely true that you can save yourself quite a bit on your money energy bill by performing an oil to gas conversion on your home or business. The installation process can cost, of course, but the savings are what people are truly after.

After figuring in the cost of installing an entirely new gas heating system, subtracting any of the perks you may receive from the federal government, and the annual savings on your energy bill, the total cost for switching from oil to gas is an estimated $4,900. This cost may be lower or higher, depending on the nature of the building you want the system installed in. A larger building may cost more, obviously. In the long run, though, the savings will be worth the cost of conversion.

If you are interested in oil to gas conversion, call Rick’s Plumbing at 203-874-6629. We’d be more than happy to discuss the benefits of switching, the costs of using natural gas, how much the installation may cost, and what goes into the work.

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