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Professional Sink Repair & Installation in Milford, CT

Sink Repair Installation Milford CTPerhaps you have had your eye on a brand new sink to match the renovations being completed in your bathroom or kitchen. Or, perhaps your faucet is simply on its last legs and needs to be repaired before continued use is even possible. Whatever the circumstances may be, Rick’s Plumbing understands exactly what you are thinking and knows what can be done about the issues at hand. We are happy to assist with your sink repair or sink installation in the Milford area.


An entire team of professionally trained plumbers is on hand and waiting for a phone call from the good people of Milford, CT when something goes wrong with their sinks. More often than not, a simple sink repair job is all it takes to get the water flowing once more. The plumber can enter your home or place of business, examine the issue, and receive your account of the problem, and then they will offer a solution for the issue and ensure the entire system is running smoothly once more.


When it comes to installation, the only problem that could prove time-consuming is your choice and the style of sink you want to have installed. The entire job is quite simple and can be accomplished in no time at all by trained professionals who have installed countless sinks over the past few years.


Much like other items within your home, sinks and faucets have a lifespan. This lifespan can range from a few years to over a decade. The point of the matter is that one day your sink will no longer function properly. In this scenario, you will want to replace the entire sink and install a brand new, more modern option to ensure the continued use of your kitchen or bathroom. Many new models of sinks are available, with different features installed right out of the box already.

If you are in need of sink repair or replacement, call Rick’s Plumbing at 203-874-6629. We can also install a brand new toilet in your new home.

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