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Plumbing & Heating Services in Norwalk, CT

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What exactly would you like in plumbers in Norwalk? Someone friendly? Someone who is respectful and clean? How about a Norwalk plumber who is highly trained, professional, and excellent at their job? At Rick’s Plumbing, a Norwalk heating services and plumbing company, we combine all of those qualities with our trained plumbers and heating technicians for customers who can use their services the most. Your home or business requires the very best to stay running as efficiently as possible.

Shower Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is one of the most basic plumbing services offered by most companies, yet it is also the most needed service that homes will require at one point or another. Our trained plumbers can handle far more than shower drain cleaning, but that doesn’t mean we shy away from the task if it is required. In fact, with all of our experience in plumbing, a drain cleaning job will be completed quickly without sacrificing quality or care for your plumbing system or your needs.

Hydronic Heating Systems

With hydronic heating systems, heat is distributed throughout the entire house evenly. There are no drafts, no hot and cold spots, and no forced air being thrown about wildly in each room. The minimal movement of the system also means there are no pollutants or dust particles being sent spinning through the air to sicken those living in the building.

This form of heating is efficient, cost-effective, and energy-saving, which means you can save money and remain warm without sacrificing comfort.

If you’re interested in having hydronic heating systems or other heating services in Norwalk installed in your home, call Rick’s Plumbing at 203-874-6629. Or, if you require shower drain cleaning services, we can handle the task without any trouble or inconvenience to you. We serve entire Norwalk, CT 06850, 06851, 06852, 06853, 06854, 06855, 06856, 06857, 06858, 06859, 06860, 06889.

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