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Plumbing Fixtures Installation Milford, CTA single dripping faucet or a toilet that doesn’t quite flow properly can be one of the most annoying problems to have in your home. Thankfully, a small job like this does not require the entire system to be replaced, but instead can be immediately repaired by swapping out the plumbing fixtures. Leaking fixtures within the home are responsible for thousands of gallons worth of wasted water on a yearly basis. This is both bad for the environment and your wallet, as you are paying for this water usage in Milford, CT.

I would recommend Rick's plumbing ,because of them.

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Both Mike and Scott were very professional and instilled confidence . They each took time for explanations to me. Then each took the time to explain what was needed and what they were doing ,via phone, to my brother .They were very polite. I would recommend Rick's plumbing ,because of them.
Marie H.

Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures

The bathroom is the most common room in the entire house to require plumbing fixture replacement at some point or another. Most fixtures in the bathroom will last for a few years, at the very least, but some households make use of their bathroom sink and bathtub more often than others. With heavy use comes heavy damage.

Expert Tips
- Rick Jurzyk
Choosing the right plumbing fixtures can greatly enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your home. When selecting fixtures, consider the overall style and design of your space to ensure a cohesive look. Additionally, opt for high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. Don't forget to prioritize water efficiency by selecting fixtures with low-flow options, helping you save on utility bills and conserve water. Lastly, consult with a professional plumber to ensure proper installation and maintenance for optimal performance and longevity.
- Rick Jurzyk

Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures

There is a new kid on the block in terms of plumbing, and that is low flow fixtures. These types of plumbing fixtures offer huge savings to the homeowner and are a sustainable replacement to regular fixtures. Toilets and showerheads are the most common for the low flow treatment. They provide the same results but with less wasted water. You have probably seen a low flow toilet out at a department store somewhere, as they tend to be designed as efficiently, cheaply, and quietly as possible.

Kitchen Plumbing Fixtures

The kitchen is the second most used room in the home in terms of plumbing. Your kitchen plumbing fixtures, especially the faucet and sink, are regularly used for cleaning and cooking. Over time, this heavy usage can wear the fixtures down, requiring extensive repairs or, more than likely, replacements to be installed.

Fixtures Replacement

For the most part, plumbing fixtures are long-term investments. When properly maintained and cleaned, they can last for years. Of course, after many years of heavy use, even the most stalwart of plumbing fixtures may need to be replaced. That’s why we at Rick’s Plumbing provide efficient, affordable, and comprehensive replacement services.

Whether you need to remove and replace a garbage disposal or would like a high-efficiency toilet, our experienced technicians have the tools, materials, and knowledge you require. We’ll send a trained technician to your home or commercial location to solve any fixture frustrations. We know how stressful and complicated a broken fixture can be. You don’t have to waste your energy struggling with old plumbing! By replacing an old fixture with a high-efficiency model, you can even save money on utility bills.

If you wish to install brand new fixtures throughout your home or fix your current ones, Rick’s Plumbing has trained plumbers on call at 203-874-6629.

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