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The Best Plumbing & Heating Services in Shelton, CT

Plumbing & Heating Services Shelton, CT

Every single day, our experienced Shelton plumbers come into the office prepared to perform the type of work they can be proud of and that customers can enjoy. As a plumbing company with heating services in Shelton, we pride ourselves on efficient service that is often talked about amongst members of the community. We understand that people never look forward to having their plumbing repairs or installations done, as it is tiring work that can be off-putting, but the job needs to get done. So why not get the job done in the fastest, most efficient manner possible?

Bathtub Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is the most common service offered by our plumbers in Shelton. The task may be relatively small, but we certainly don’t skimp on the quality of service or level of professionalism offered because of that fact. In fact, we go above and beyond on every single task we take on –big or small. A bathtub clog can be troublesome, as it means your water won’t run properly and may begin to flood if you are not careful. If this is the case, call in a professional Shelton plumber as soon as possible to rectify the situation.

Heating Boiler Systems

boiler system is an efficient way to heat the entire home. Depending on which style you choose to install – tank or tankless – there are different ways for the home to be heated. A tank water heater will store water at the perfect temperature and send the heat through the ducts of the house. A tankless water heater is generally more efficient and energy-effective, as it only uses water when you need the heat and does not store any excess.

If you’re interested in having a new boiler system installed in your home, or simply want your bathtub drain cleaned entirely, call one of the best Shelton heating services companies available, Rick’s Plumbing, at  203-874-6629. We serve entire Shelton, CT 06418, 06484.

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