Plumbing & Heating Services in Trumbull, CT

Plumbing Heating Services Trumbull CtThere are a few different Trumbull plumbers and heating service companies to choose from. Knowing which one is right for you is part of the difficult decision you must make as a homeowner, though. You need to narrow down the qualities you seek in a local plumber or heating technician. At Rick’s Plumbing, we try to make the decision easier by offering quality service from trained technicians who are available for your needs. You can compare our qualities with any other company in the area and then make your decision. We guarantee you will come back to us.

I would recommend Rick's plumbing ,because of them.

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Both Mike and Scott were very professional and instilled confidence . They each took time for explanations to me. Then each took the time to explain what was needed and what they were doing ,via phone, to my brother .They were very polite. I would recommend Rick's plumbing ,because of them.
Marie H.

Water Heaters Installation & Repair Services

Water heaters are one of the most used appliances in your home. As such, they are also one of the most common fixtures to fail. If you are in need of water heater installation or repair, give our team at Rick’s Plumbing a call. We are happy to help our neighbors and customers in the Trumbull, CT area with new systems or necessary repairs or replacements on existing water heaters. We work quickly and efficiently so you can get back to the comfort you’re accustomed to with a properly functioning water heater. Give us a call today to schedule your service appointment!

Pipe Repair & Repiping Services

Your pipes are one of the areas of your home or business that can easily be forgotten about – until they cause a major problem. If you are experiencing plumbing leaks, water damage, or even a strange stench coming from your pipes, it’s time to call on Rick’s Plumbing for pipe repair and repiping services. Don’t let a small issue become a major mishap in your home or business. The sooner you call us to assess the damage and fix the problem, the better. We specialize in new pipe installation and pipe leak detection and repairs so your system can continue running smoothly.

Regular Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Regular plumbing maintenance begins with you, the home or business owner, before a licensed plumber in Trumbull ever enters the home. You need to be aware of your entire plumbing system and how to properly maintain the system before major repairs are required.

For instance, you should know where the main water shut-off valve is located –this is useful should there ever be a leak in any of your pipes or fixtures. During the winter, you should remove any hoses from outdoor spigots to prevent the pipes from cracking and flooding with frozen water.

Central Heating Repair

Your central heating system is just as important, if not more so than your plumbing system, especially during the winter. If you chose to go with our heating services in Trumbull to install your system, you know our service will be available at any time. Rick’s Plumbing is exactly that type of service provider. When your heating begins to falter, we’re there to help.

If you require any plumbing maintenance, need your central heating repaired, or are simply looking for a few tips to stay on top of things, call Rick’s Plumbing at 203-874-6629. We serve entire Trumbull, CT 06611.

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