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Why Won’t My Bathtub Hold Water?

Are your dreams of relaxing in a bubble bath going down the drain (literally)? Don’t get too disappointed. When you notice your tub water draining prematurely, the fix is usually quite simple.  Try the steps below and you’ll be back on your way to relaxation….

4 Potential Causes of a Cold Shower

Raise your hand if you enjoy a cold shower. No, we didn’t think so. There are few things as startling and frustrating as stepping into a shower and realizing the water is not getting hot. Not only is it uncomfortable but it could be the…

5 Common Well and Pump Problems

There are many benefits to well water in comparison to city or public water sources, including lack of chemical treatments and more healthy, natural minerals. However, maintaining a deep water well can be complicated, especially when faced with common well and pump problems. Read on…