10 Tips to Help You Save Money on Cleaning Products

With the warm months finally upon us, most homeowners are breaking out their rubber gloves and cleaning supplies to combat pesky buildups and dust. Most of us feel the urge to clean the whole house in the spring, and that typically requires costly cleaning supplies. If you’re on a budget, spending a ton of money on supplies is certainly a no-go. There are economical ways to save money on cleaning products, though.

Mild Dish Soap

First and foremost, you should know that mild dish soap works wonders to clean a home. Dish soap can be used to remove laundry stains, as a window cleaner, or a carpet stain remover.

Use Store Brands

Many of us tend to opt for name brand merchandise when possible, but they’re more expensive. Store brand cleaners use the same substances and clean just as well.


Pick up a store circular occasionally, and you’ll notice the abundance of coupons. Many of those coupons are for home cleaning supplies!


Most stores throughout your area will hold a sale of particular goods occasionally. Check with the store for sales dates, then take advantage of the lowered prices.

Store Supplies Properly

Believe it or not, improper storage methods for cleaning supplies can lead to spills, mixing, and evaporation. Cleaning supplies should be stored safely, in room temperature areas.

Reusable Items

Where possible, use reusable items, including cloths and mops, to reduce buying new packs of each.

Control Clutter

If you have children, you’re probably no stranger to clutter or mess. Reducing clutter leaves less breeding grounds for dust and debris.

Make Your Own

That’s right! You can make your cleaning supplies using the likes of vinegar, baking soda, and even lemons.

Longer Lasting

Using a foam soap dispenser in the kitchen or bathroom saves soap.

Gift Cards

If you were given a gift card for the holidays, consider buying cleaning supplies with it.

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