3 Reasons Your Electric Water Heater Might Be Overheating

If you’ve ever experienced a surprise cold shower, you understand the importance of a properly working water heater. However, electric water heater problems can be more than just irritating. They can also lead to serious health hazards.

One of the most potentially dangerous problems with electric water heaters can occur from overheating. When overheating occurs, it can scald or burn those in your household. In addition, overheating can permanently damage the water heater, which can cost you money to repair or replace the unit.

The good news is there are a few signs you can look out for to prevent or catch an overheating water heater before it causes a major issue.

3 common your electric water heater might be overheating

1. Too much pressure

If your pressure relief valve is not working properly, it can lead to serious damage. Steam buildup inside the tank of your electric water heater can cause bodily harm in the case of a tank burst. If you notice signs of water boiling inside the tank, contact a reputable plumber and turn off the power to the electric water heater as soon as possible.

2. High temperature

We recommend keeping the thermostat within your hot water tank to 120ºF, but occasionally the settings can be changed and set too high. When troubleshooting an overheating issue, checking the thermostat is often a great place to start. If you find the temperature set above 120º, try dialing it down to fix the issue.

3. Sediment buildup

The heating elements within your electric water heater are prone to sediment buildup, either on the bottom of the tank or surrounding the heating elements. When this happens, the water heater has to work harder, which can result in overheating. If this occurs, it can lead to the heating elements within the unit failing, which can be a costly repair.

Water heater installation and repair

If you are struggling with your water heater overheating or failing to function properly, don’t delay in finding a fix. Avoid costly damages and potential dangers by calling Rick’s Plumbing. Our professional plumbers in New Haven and Fairfield County can troubleshoot and resolve all types of electric water heater issues. To schedule an appointment, dial (203) 874-6629 today.