3 Ways to Prevent Catastrophic Flooding in Your Home

You might think a little water can’t hurt anybody, but we all know that a lot of water can wreak serious havoc on a home. Even damages from a relatively small flood can cost $10,000 to repair, and more extensive problems can rack up a bill of $70,000 or more.

Although most people have insurance that will cover water-related damage, it’s still important to understand exactly what you’re responsible for. Some homeowners insurance policies only cover floods that are caused by a natural disaster, while others will not cover floods at all.

Either way, you should be doing your best to prevent water damage in your home on a regular basis. Here are the three most important things you can do to ensure that catastrophic flooding doesn’t destroy parts of your house.

1. When It Comes to Your Electric System, Be Safe

If worst comes to worst and your floor does end up covered in water, you certainly don’t want any electronics nearby. Keep all of your switches, circuit breakers, wires, and sockets raised at least a foot above the floor to minimize the risk of danger or an electrical fire.

2. Install a Sump Pump in Your Basement

Never heard of a sump pump? It’s a device that can be installed in your basement to protect against flooding. It will draw the excess water away from your home and keep the damage to a minimum. Some localities that frequently experience flooding will even require homeowners to invest in sump pumps as a precaution.

3. Have a Plumber Modify Your Water Valves

Gate valves can be operated by hand, and will do an excellent job of helping excess water flow out. They will also keep outside water from making its way inside. Hire a plumbing company to replace your current valves with a more complex, safer version.

Interested in following any of these three tips? Contact Rick’s Plumbing for professional assistance with flood-proofing your home. They can help with everything from installing a brand new sump pump to revamping your irrigation system. Give them a call today at 203-874-6629 to learn about your options or to schedule an appointment.