4 Potential Causes of a Cold Shower

Raise your hand if you enjoy a cold shower. No, we didn’t think so. There are few things as startling and frustrating as stepping into a shower and realizing the water is not getting hot. Not only is it uncomfortable but it could be the sign of a plumbing problem somewhere in your home.

If you’re stuck with cold water in the shower, there are a few places you can check to get to the bottom of the issue.

  • Examine hot water use. Before you get too concerned, think about how much hot water was used in your home recently. If you have a tank water heater, there’s a limited supply of hot water before the unit runs out and needs to refill. So if a few members of the household recently took showers or a hot-water appliance is running, wait about 30 minutes and then try the shower again.
  • Test other faucets. It can also be helpful to determine if the cold water issue is limited to just your shower or it’s affecting the whole house. Go around your home and test out the hot water of other tubs or sink faucets. If the other outlets seem to be ok, then the issue is likely just with the shower. Once you perform this test, you can move on to one of the next two areas.
  • Check the water heater. If the cold-water situation seems to be affecting the entire house, it’s time to find your water heater. Make sure the pilot light is on and the temperature is set appropriately (around 120°F). If you notice any leaks or strange sounds coming from the unit, call a professional plumber right away. 
  • Consider the shower valve. If other faucets around the home have hot water, then you know the issue is specific to the shower. In this case, you may be dealing with a faulty shower valve. This is a part of your plumbing that mixes the hot and cold water before it comes out of the showerhead. Over time, small components like the O-ring or washer can wear out, which causes the valve to stop working properly.

When to call a professional plumber

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