5 Things to Know About Boiler Maintenance

Boiler maintenance is something homeowners often overlook. Few people have boilers checked regularly like they should. Whether you’re too busy and forget to book service or put it off because you think it’s unnecessary, you may not be convinced that boiler maintenance is worth the trouble. You have hot water, right? That’s typically enough for most people. Well, the truth is very different. Boilers must be professionally serviced annually.

Catching Issue Early

When you schedule regular boiler maintenance, you have an opportunity to find potentially costly issues early. Your technician will identify weak points and issues, addressing them before any major damage occurs.

Cheaper than Replacement

Purchasing a new boiler is not an ideal situation. In fact, most homeowners do not have the spare cash in their budget for a brand-new boiler. That is why we recommend regular boiler maintenance. Maintenance costs less than most people think, and it reduces the chance for something major to go wrong, which may lead to a replacement.

The primary reason so many forgo boiler maintenance is due to the cost. Well, maintenance reduces the money you spend on monthly energy bills, thereby saving you cash. The model of boiler you own, and how old the unit is, often determine how energy efficient the system will be, though.

Stay in Warranty

Chances are your boiler is under warranty if you purchased the system new. If you do not service the system for more than 12 months, you typically void the warranty altogether. If something significant occurs, you won’t be able to claim the money for repairs.

For Some, It’s the Law

If you are a landlord, it is required by law to have annual gas safety checks performed. This includes the boiler. The safety of your tenants is your primary responsibility.

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