Basic Plumbing Tools for Your Home

Basic Plumbing Tools
Close-up Of Plunger And Plumbing Tool On Wooden Desk

Ricks’ Plumbing is at your service for all your home’s plumbing needs. Thinking about taking on a small project, or would just like to be prepared for the next clog or leak? Here’s a list of tools you might want to have ready in your home.

Tools every home should have: Tape Measure, Hammer , Flashlight, Flat Head Screwdriver, Phillips Screwdriver, Pliers, Level, Utility Knife

Tools to fight those clogs: 1. Plunger – must have, and is step one for every home clog emergency; 2. Hand Auger: often called a plumber’s snake, it is step 2 when trying to clear a drain; 3. Closet Augur: a long steel cable that specifically designed to defeat a toilet clog

Feeling handy? Here’s 6 tools you might want to consider if you are considering tackling a more serious plumbing project.
1. Tongue and Groove Pliers – often referred to as Channellocks
2. Adjustable Wrench – used for plumbing parts with hex shaped nuts
3. Hacksaw – versatile and inexpensive, can be used to cut through plastic and metal pipe, as well as hardware and screws
4. Basin Wrench: specifically designed to get into the small space behind a sink
5. Two Pipe Wrenches: one for turning and one for gripping. Use these for thsoe hard to loosen pipes
6. Tubing Cutter – easiest way to cut copper pipe
7. Propane torch – for manipulating copper pipe

Cautions to Consider Before Starting Plumbing Work On Your Own

There are building codes put into place that must be followed in the construction and renovation of every home. If you are considering doing more than a simple plumbing project be aware that if code requirements are not followed, you might be redoing all the work you just invested your time and money on.

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