Common Plumbing Noises That Startle Homeowners in Milford

Toilet MonsterMany times people don’t notice their plumbing systems making unusual noises until nightfall because their homes are bursting with activity. When a homeowner suddenly notices a strange noise after dark, it can be a startling experience. With Halloween just around the corner, our Milford plumbers think it’s time to reveal these common plumbing noises for what they really are!
A dripping or trickling noise – This noise is usually a sign that you have a water leak. Whether it’s a dripping faucet, leaky toilet, or damaged plumbing pipe, you’ll want to get a plumbing repair. Each drip or trickle could be costing you money on your water bill!
A loud banging when you run water – Sometimes, as water runs through a plumbing pipe, it causes the plumbing pipe to hit something nearby. Banging pipes can sometimes be cured by securing them with insulation so that there is a cushion between them and the materials they may contact.
A popping or rumbling from within your water heater – When sediment builds inside your water heater, it heats up, releasing moisture into the water-filled tank, creating the pop or rumble. For this reason, water heater maintenance is very important—the sediment can cause your water heater to corrode.
The sudden sound of rushing water in a drain line – Washing machines and dishwashers release wastewater into the drain line to go out to the drainage system, and though it may seem out of place, this is normal.
Don’t be startled by the noises created by your plumbing system, but do take the necessary action to prevent damages from occurring within your home. Contact Rick’s Plumbing for plumbing service!