Common Plumbing Problems That Show Up During the Summer

As we launch further into summer, homeowners everywhere will start to spend more time outside, in their backyards and on their patios. But it also means they’ll start spending more money on watering their yards, filling up their pools, and using more water in general. And the more they use their plumbing systems, the more likely they are to encounter problems.

During summertime, here are 5 of the most common plumbing issues you’re likely to run into.

Sprinkler head problems. You want your yard to stay green and fresh, but when it’s hot outside, that’s no easy task. You may notice that some areas of your yard aren’t getting watered enough. This could be the result of a broken sprinkler head that needs to be replaced.

Leaks in your washing machine hose. Days by the pool can mean you’ll do more laundry than usual, washing towels, swimsuits, and sweaty clothes! Therefore, it’s not unusual for families to run into problems with their washers during June and July.

Slow-draining showers. As you rinse off after spending time outside, you might end up clogging your drain with hair, sand, dirt, and other debris. This can lead to a blocked pipe, causing your shower to drain more slowly than usual. If the water starts rising instead of draining, take note!

Roots in your pipes. As parched trees on your property search for moisture, they might invade your sewer pipes. This can cause leaks and serious damage, so if this happens in your yard, you’ll want to call a plumber immediately.

Overworked water heaters. Because most families do use their showers more during the summer, your water heater may be working overtime. This can cause issues the water heater normally wouldn’t experience. In other words, a hidden problem with a water heater might reveal itself in the summer months.

If you experience any of these summer-related plumbing problems, contact Rick’s Plumbing Service immediately. Their trained representatives can handle all of your issues, from clogs and leaks to irrigation and sewage. Learn more, or schedule an appointment by calling 203-874-6629 today.