Commonly Asked Questions About 40-Gallon Gas Water Heaters

Picking out a new water heater for your home is very different than shopping for other items. First, it can be a larger investment, especially if you weren’t expecting it. Second, a quality unit should last between 8-12 years, so you want to make sure to get the best solution since you’ll be using it for a long time. And third, not all homeowners are experts on water heater features and technology.

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Shopping for water heaters can be overwhelming at first, but with the right help, it can be relatively simple. That’s why we put together this helpful list of the most common questions we get about 40-gallon gas tank water heaters.

How does a gas tank water heater work?

As the name implies, a tank water heater is designed to store water. Cold water enters the tank from the main water supply. A burner uses natural gas to heat up the water inside the tank. The hot water is continuously heated and stored until an outlet is opened, whether it’s the hot water faucet of a sink, a shower, or an appliance. The hot water exits the tank, flowing through pipes until it reaches the intended outlet. Then new cold water tops off the tank and is reheated.

Why is gas better than electric?

The energy source for a tank water heater can come down to utility availability and personal preference. But generally, natural gas is cheaper than electricity, so you could expect lower energy bills if you have a gas tank water heater.

Why are 40-gallon gas water heaters popular?

Gas tank water heaters are available in a range of sizes, from 30 to 100 gallons. When shopping, you’ll probably notice that most brands offer a selection of 40-gallon models. This is one of the most popular sizes because it’s typically suitable for the average U.S. household of 2-3 people.

What size of a house is a 40-gallon water heater good for?

Based on typical water usage, a 40-gallon water heater should provide enough daily hot water for 2-4 people in a household. When considering capacity and what size you need, one feature to consider is the first-hour rating (FHR) which tells you how much hot water the unit can supply per hour if started with a full tank. A higher FHR indicates the water heater can replenish quickly, which means there’s a lower chance of running out of hot water during peak demand.

How are 40-gallon water heaters vented?

Because natural gas is burned, the system must vent toxic combustion gasses outside the home. The traditional method is draft-induced venting, which uses a fan to blow the combustion gases up through a pipe that goes to the roof (often a chimney). The newer and typically preferred method is power or direct venting, which pushes the combustion gas through a horizontal pipe that goes through a nearby wall and releases outside.

How to choose the right gas water heater?

As you can see, there are a number of factors to consider when selecting a new tank water heater for your home. For expert guidance and trustworthy installation of a 40-gallon (and other sizes) water heater, talk to Rick’s Plumbing. We are the trusted plumbing professionals for Milford and the surrounding areas. Call (203) 874-6629 to schedule an appointment today.