Fall for These 5 Fall Plumbing Maintenance Tips in Trumbull, CT

Summer has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the potential for plumbing problems is gone too! Fall’s cool temperatures can be taxing to your home’s plumbing system, so being proactive about seasonal plumbing maintenance becomes especially important this time of year.

Since 1992, Rick’s Plumbing has been helping folks in Fairfield and New Haven counties get their plumbing systems ready for fall. The variety of Trumbull, CT plumbing services that we provide can help you save time and money by preventing common fall plumbing problems.
Avoid seasonal plumbing problems this fall with these five maintenance tips!

  • Clean rain gutters Changing leaf colors are a big part of fall here in the Northeast, but fallen leaves and debris have no business being left in your gutters. A buildup of leaves and debris can cause serious drainage issues as well as damage to the roof and foundation of your home.
  • Be vigilant about water leaks Regardless of how seemingly small, call us to repair any indoor or outdoor water leaks before temperatures get even colder and the risk of freezing increases. Preventing plumbing leaks now will help you avoid frozen and burst piping later!
  • Know where you main water valve is and how to use it In the event that a pipe bursts, or if you plan on leaving for an extended period of time, knowing how to operate your main shut off valve is crucial. Not sure where yours is or how to use it properly? Just give Rick’s Plumbing a call!
  • Drain and store outdoor hoses Failing to thoroughly disconnect and drain outdoor hoses is an open invitation for frozen and burst pipe. As temperatures continue to drop, and water left in outdoor hoses and spigots will freeze and expand, which can cause plumbing pipes to burst.
  • Check your water heater With colder temperatures approaching, now is the perfect time for annual water heater maintenance. If you notice any strange sounds, sights, or smells, have them repaired right away to avoid a breakdown that will leave you without hot water during cold weather!

If you think putting off fall plumbing maintenance will save you time and money, think again! The best way to save time and money on seasonal plumbing maintenance is to call a professional plumber. For Trumbull, CT plumbing services, trust the experts at Rick’s Plumbing Services!