Fall Plumbing Tips for Milford & New Haven CT

By now, you’ve probably seen at least a few colorful leaves…maybe you’ve even bought a gourd or pumpkin. Perhaps you’ve packed away the swimsuit in exchange for your fall coat. The truth is it’s time to get ready for fall! And no, we don’t just mean it’s time to decide if you’re going to be a zombie or a vampire this Halloween—we mean it’s time to prepare your plumbing for fall! Help your plumbing system transition smoothly into the cooler weather with these fall plumbing tips from your favorite Milford plumbers!

Preparing Your Plumbing System for Fall in Milford & New Haven

Insulate Areas Near Plumbing Pipes – Cool air in a drafty area of your home could cross over your plumbing pipes causing them to freeze. By insulating these areas, you reduce the likelihood your pipe will freeze, and you’ll save some money on heating your home as well.

Insulate Exposed Plumbing Pipes – If you can’t prevent some chilly air from being around your plumbing pipe, make sure the pipe itself is well insulated.

Disconnect Your Garden Hoses – Water in outdoor hoses can freeze, potentially breaking faucets and pipes. Drain your hoses and store them inside until springtime. Even if you have a frost-free outside faucet, it is imperative that the hose be removed for the cold months. Frost-free faucets are NOT frost-proof, and if the hose remains on, the water won’t be able to drain from the faucet, and it becomes likely that the faucet inside your home will blow out, causing an expensive mess the next time that faucet is turned on.

Turn Off the “Shut Off” Valve to Outdoor Faucets – After you turn off the valve, you can drain all remaining water from your faucets so that they won’t freeze.

Inspect Your Outdoor Faucets for Leaks – It doesn’t matter what material your pipes are made out of— if water freezes in them they may crack. If your outdoor faucet is dripping, it’s time to call your local plumber before the temperature drops below freezing.

Clean Gutters – This will help melting snow and ice to drain properly, preventing it from freezing in blocked gutters and causing damages.

Get Water Heater Maintenance – Fall is a great time to ensure that your water heater is working as efficiently as possible. Your water heater will have to work harder in the cold weather months, so make sure it is up to the task.

If you run across any problems while preparing your home’s plumbing for fall, give the friendly plumbers at Rick’s Plumbing a call! We have the knowledge, skills, experience, and equipment to get plumbing services done right!