Garbage Disposal Repairs: Troubleshooting Common Problems

A garbage disposal is a modern kitchen luxury many of us can’t imagine living without—until it stops working. Suddenly, you’re left with a sink full of food scraps and a host of plumbing puzzles to solve. We know just how disruptive a malfunctioning garbage disposal can be, so we’re here to help you troubleshoot some of the most common issues and get your kitchen back in order.

Garbage Disposal Repairs: Troubleshooting Common Problems

Hum But No Grind: Silent Cries for Help

When your garbage disposal hums but doesn’t grind, it’s often a sign of a jam. This can occur when hard objects, like bones or fruit pits, get caught between the shredder ring and the impellers. The motor hums because it’s still trying to work, but the impellers aren’t moving. Unplugging the unit and carefully probing inside with a tool—never your hand—can sometimes dislodge the culprit. If this sounds like a job better left to the professionals, it’s because it often is, especially to prevent damage to the motor.

The Mysterious Case of the Non-Starting Disposal

If your garbage disposal won’t start at all, the problem might be electrical rather than mechanical. First, check if the unit is plugged in. It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how often this simple check is overlooked. Next, locate the reset button, usually found on the bottom of the unit. If it has popped out, press it to reset your disposal. If these steps don’t restore power, the issue might be with the circuit breaker or the unit itself needing professional attention.

Leak Riddles: Follow the Water

Leaks can develop in several places on a garbage disposal. Commonly, they occur at the sink flange where the disposal connects to the bottom of the sink, the hose connections, or at the seals within the disposal itself. Tightening connections and replacing worn-out gaskets can often resolve these issues. However, leaks within the unit often signal the end of its lifespan and the need for replacement.

The Slow Drain Drama

A disposal that drains slowly is typically a sign of clogging within the waste line. This could be due to how the disposal is breaking down food, or buildup further down the line. While chemical drain cleaners offer a quick fix, they can also cause damage to your pipes and your disposal’s internal parts. A better approach involves manual removal of buildup or, in persistent cases, snaking the drain. This clears the path for water and waste, ensuring smooth operation.

Odor Mysteries: Unpleasant Aromas from Below

Bad smells emanating from your garbage disposal are usually the result of food sludge and bacteria build-up. Regular cleaning with a mix of ice cubes, coarse salt, and lemon peels can help scrub the grinding chamber and freshen up the smell. For stubborn odors, a thorough cleaning of the unit’s internal components might be necessary.

Rick’s Plumbing: Your Partner in Plumbing Perplexities

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