What You Need to Know About High Efficiency Water Heaters in Stratford, CT

Ready for that hot shower? You turn on the hot water and then walk away while it heats up. Sound familiar? Common sense is telling you that there must be a better way than watching your money go down the drain.

Creating hot water for our homes with a traditional hot water heater counts for about 20% of our utility bills. Stratford, CT homeowners are beginning to upgrade to high efficiency water heaters for just that reason. Here’s some of the benefits they are already enjoying.

Save Money

High efficiency means getting the “most bang for your buck” when it comes to energy costs. These models take less time to heat that water and are well insulated to save energy. Most states also offer tax rebates for the upgrade as well.

Go Green

Less energy consumption means less air pollution, both inside and outdoors. These models are constructed to be repaired, not replaced. Therefore owners do not simply toss them into landfills, they repair them whenever possible.


Every water heater requires some type of maintenance, but the fact that high efficiency water heaters simply do not have to work as often, or for as long as standard water heaters, tend to make them outlast their counterparts in maintenance and repair. This explains the warranties of up to 15 years. They are built to last.

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