How to Decide Whether to Install Hydronic or Electric Radiant Heating in Your Milford Home

Picture this: you walk in from a blisteringly cold day in Connecticut to an in-floor heating system that can melt away the snow and ice. Your bathroom floors are soothingly warm when you get out of the shower, and you never have to worry about wearing socks just to keep your toes from freezing while walking around your home. Sounds wonderful, right? That’s why so many Milford families are investing in radiant floor heating systems.

There are two popular kinds of radiant heating systems: hydronic (water-based) and electric. The question is, which kind of system is the best choice for your home?

Why You Should Choose Electric

  • You will barely notice any difference in your floor elevation because electric systems are so thin once installed.
  • Electric floor heating systems are typically cheaper and easier to install than other kinds.
  • Cold floors will heat up faster if you use an electric system.
  • Electric heating systems require less maintenance than hydronic systems.
  • Because they work so quickly, they are very energy-efficient.
  • They’re especially perfect for small spaces that need to be heated quickly.

Why You Should Choose Hydronic

  • If you already have a hydronic plumbing system, the floor will pair nicely.
  • The heat of hydronic floors can stay constant for long periods of time. Once they’re hot, they easily stay hot.
  • You’ll spend less on electricity than you would with electric radiant in-floor heating.

For more advice on what type of radiant floor heating will work for your family and house, you might want to contact a local Connecticut company like Rick’s Plumbing Service for advice. Their trained experts will help you select the best in-floor heating system and walk you through the installation process and costs. To ask for a quote or more information, contact Rick’s Plumbing Service at 203-874-6629 today.