How to Choose a Garbage Disposal

Choosing Garbage DisposalCooks will tell you that a good garbage disposal in West Haven is not a luxury, it is a necessity! They’ve come to rely on their convenience and affordability. Here’s a few tips on how to get your current garbage disposal running again. If that doesn’t take care of your problem, it might be time to consider upgrading to a new garbage disposal.

More Power
How much power should your garbage disposal have? The smallest available is 1/3 hp, but even though you may save a couple dollars, we suggest bumping up to a minimum of 1/2 hp. Depending on the amount of waste you want to easily have go down your drain without the threat of clogs, 3/4 and even 1 hp (for those wanting to truly grind their troubles away) are available.

Peace and Quiet
Garbage disposals have never been known for the ability to “keep quiet” but manufacturers have tried to silence their grinding noise as much as possible. The larger and heavier models typically are able to contain more of their noise, but we don’t believe there is anything on the market that is going to be whisper quiet.

Septic Issues
Most garbage disposals have never been friends of septic systems. Choosing the one that will safely work with your system is a priority. Your neighborhood plumber can discuss your options with you.

Power On – Power Off
Most of us assume the only way to have a garbage disposal turn off and of, is by installing a switch. These are called continuous-feed. You turn on the switch, run the water and feed it your food waste. Another type of garbage disposal is a batch-feed. That kind automatically turns on when you place a specific type of stopper into the drain. It is not the more common type, but it is easier to install and safer because it will not work unless the stopper is in place.

No matter which garbage disposal you’ve decided is right for your kitchen, Rick’s Plumbing can help! Check out our money saving coupons and then give Rick’s Plumbing a call. If you need it quick, call Rick!