How to Remove a Shower Drain Cover

All of us have, at one time or another, fallen victim to hair clogging up the drain. When your bathtub is draining slowly or you find yourself standing in inches of soapy water with each shower, the culprit is most likely lurking just below the drain cover. This can be a relatively simple fix, as long as you know how to properly remove a shower drain cover.
How to Remove a Shower Drain Cover
There are several types of shower drain covers and each comes with its own set of instructions for removal. Here are the most common shower drain covers we typically see:

  • Pop-up drain covers: These typically pull straight off, though others might require a bit of wiggle work.
  • Screw-in: Screw-in drain covers look like a strainer. To remove, simply unscrew with the appropriate screwdriver and remove.
  • Toe-touch: Toe touch shower drains are aptly named, as they open and close with a push of the toe. To remove this style drain, you can usually unscrew the drain from the open position and remove the cap. (Remember: Lefty loosey, righty tighty!) If this doesn’t work, look for a screwdriver slot for removal of the entire mechanism.

Don’t see your shower drain cover listed above? Not to panic! We also provide services for lift-and-turn, flip-it, push/pull, and virtually every other shower drain cover available.

Unclogging the shower drain

If you’re dealing with a pesky clog below the shower drain cover, there are also several DIY and over-the-counter fixes that can provide temporary relief: inexpensive drain clog remover tools for hair, baking soda and vinegar, and even using a plunger can help remove the clog.

Keep in mind that these are all quick fixes and should be followed up by a call to the plumber to prevent the build-up from recurring or moving deeper into the drain pipe.

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