How do I unblock a sink trap?

unblock a sink trapSo you’ve tried plunging your sink and that’s not working. You’ve been told that you should try to unblock your sink trap. Are you wondering what a sink trap is?

If you look under your sink you will see a “U” shaped pipe. There are actually good reasons why it is shaped that way. Here’s why:

The drain pipeline connects to the sewer. The water that settles in the “U” part of the pipe acts as a barrier between you and the sewer smells that could make its way up into your home.

It is the first place that some debris will settle in the pipes under your sink. The goal is to be able to catch the clog there, instead of having to find it further along in your plumbing.

How to check the sink trap

You’re going to need a bucket, a cleaning brush for inside the pipe, and a change of clothing.

  • Change your clothing to something comfortable that you won’t mind getting dirty.
  • Remove the items from under your sink to make room for your bucket.
  • Carefully loosen the sink trap and let the water and debris fall into the bucket.
  • Now use your brush to clear out anything that might be causing a clog in the pipe.
  • Reattach the sink trap and run the water. Make sure you don’t have any leaks where you were working.

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