Important Recall Information for A.O. Smith Ultra-Low NOX Water Heaters! Do You Still Have This Unit?

Every now and then, we hear news of product recalls – everything from cars to food. These recalls are for public safety. Unfortunately, home appliances sometime get recalled by the manufacturer for safety reasons as well.
A.O. Smith, a large manufacturer of water heaters, issued a recall for residential Ultra-Low NOx water heaters that were produced between April 2011 and August 2016. The company makes water heaters under numerous brands, including A.O. Smith, Whirlpool, U.S. Craftmaster, American Water Heater, State, Reliance, and Kenmore. Recalled units include multiple sizes (30, 40, and 50 gallons) and fuel types (natural gas and propane).
So if you have a water heater that may fit this description, continue reading to find out if your unit may be affected.

Why they were recalled

The A.O. Smith water heater recall was announced in November 2018. It was discovered that in a few cases, the water heater’s gas burner screen developed a tear, which created a potential fire hazard for units installed on wood or any type of flooring made of combustible materials.

How to tell if your water heater is affected

  • To determine if your A.O. Smith water heater has been recalled, you’ll first need the unit’s serial number. This information can be found on the water heater’s rating plate on the side of the tank.
  • Next, go to the A.O. Smith water heater recall webpage and enter the serial number and answer the two other questions.
  • If your water heater is part of the recall, A.O. Smith will contact you to arrange for a free repair. This should take care of the problem – you shouldn’t need to replace the entire unit

Water heater service in New Haven and Fairfield County

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