Causes of Low Water Pressure in Fairfield, CT

If you dread taking a shower or washing the dishes because the water flows out excruciatingly slowly, you have low water pressure. If you’re fed up with trying to shampoo your hair or scrub pots and pans with a constant trickle of water then it’s time to find out why you have low water pressure. Once you know the cause, a solution can be implemented to make your frustrating, low-flow days a thing of the past!

Low Water Pressure Causes & Solutions

Cause #1: Water Leaks – When you have a water leak, only some of your water will reach its intended destination, resulting in low water pressure.

Solution: Fix the Leak! – Aside from making using water in your home agonizing, water leaks will continuously waste water and cost you extra money on your water bill. Our plumbers offer pipe repair and pipe replacement in Fairfield,    so you can say good riddance to your leaky pipe.

Cause #2: Mineral & Debris Buildup – Whether there has been a fractured water main that has allowed in dirt and other debris, or minerals have simply built up in your pipe from the passing water, this gunk can make it difficult for water to travel through your pipes.

Solution: Examine the Pipe & Flush Away Buildup – We can examine a portion of your pipe and determine if the debris or mineral buildup can be flushed away or if you need a pipe replacement to regain the complete use of your pipe.

Cause #3: Pipe Corrosion – Over time galvanized plumbing pipes corrode, blocking the flow of water.

Solution: Repiping – Unfortunately there’s no easy cure for pipe corrosion. If your water pressure has significantly decreased, it may be time to look into pipe replacements.

Cause #4: A Shut-Off Valve That Isn’t Open All the Way – It may have gotten stuck at some point and isn’t allowing for full access to your water supply.

Solution: Open the Shut-Off Valve All the Way! – This is by far the cheapest, easiest solution—just make sure it’s open and ready to go!
At Rick’s Plumbing, we’re happy to diagnose your low water pressure situation and help you to implement the best, most cost-effective solution. You’ll be thrilled to have ample, free-flowing water for all your around-the-house needs!