National Disconnect Your Hose Day

Rick’s Plumbing would like to remind everyone about the risks of leaving your hose attached outside this winter.

When temperatures drop to below freezing, the water in the hose will freeze and may cause the hose to crack and become damaged. But even worse, a hose nozzle can increase the pressure put on the pipes connecting to the hose. That means your home’s plumbing system can be damaged!

While most of us are diligent about keeping our home’s plumbing system safe from freezing temperatures, sometimes something as simple as forgetting a garden hose hooked up outdoors can undo all of our hard work.

According to PRIER, the official sponsor of #DetachYourHoseDay, in the last 10 years insurance companies have paid out more than $4 billion in claims for frozen, burst pipes.

Don’t let your home become a statistic. Now is the time to put away outside hoses, splitters and other accessories that are attached to your plumbing.