All You Need to Know About Sewer Pipe Repair

When it comes to their plumbing system, most homeowners want to hear as little as possible. They certainly don’t want to hear about damage or clogs in their sewer pipes. These issues can result in expensive repairs. The city will not handle the job, even if your sewer connects to their pipes.

You need to educate yourself. Learn about pricing, know what a contractor will do, and understand how long sewer pipe repairs takes. This information could save you time, money, and headache.

Types of Sewer Problems

First, you should know what kind of sewer problem you’re having before scheduling work. Typically, you can learn more about your sewer troubles using an expert analysis or camera inspection. Spot repair only works under a few specific circumstances. More often, you will need to replace the sewer either partially or completely.

When Spot Repair is Advisable

Tree roots are one of the most significant issues with sewer lines. As they grow, the roots penetrate the piping and cause blockages and leaks. In this case, replacing just 5’ of the pipe makes sense. Nowadays numerous fittings create water-tight joints when joined with cast iron or clay pipes. These fittings make spot repair a long-lasting repair.

Digging Laws

There are local government laws in place correctly to handle digging on a property, even your own. In many cases, you’ll need to file for a permit. Sometimes, having a government inspector visit the location will ensure you don’t dig up any wires or city pipes. A professional contractor will help you navigate these waters more efficiently.

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