Plumbing Gift Ideas for Hard-to-Buy-For People in Westport, Shelton, CT & Beyond.

Christmas giftThere are some people out there who are excruciating to shop for around the holidays. They’ll be disappointed if they don’t get gifts, and yet they won’t write you a list or drop you a hint. They claim that they already have everything they want. But usually, there are actually things these people want or need, but maybe these items just aren’t the typical gifts you find wrapped up for a birthday or holiday. Well, who said a gift has to be typical? If you know someone who would prefer a useful gift over a snow globe, just remember, you can stick a bow on anything!

Here’s 3 Great Plumbing Fixture Gift Ideas:

Garbage Disposals: Do know a dish-doer who might benefit from the convenience of a garbage disposal? Ever heard someone complain about having to pick the little food scraps out of the strainer? Garbage disposals make great gifts because they last for years and get plenty of use. If you give the gift of a garbage disposal, you won’t have to worry about finding it up in the attic unused or out in next year’s garage sale.

A High-Efficiency Toilet: Santa doesn’t get a lot of people asking for toilets for Christmas, but for someone who already has a Snuggie and a Keurig, a toilet can make a great gift. A high-efficiency toilet is not only a gift that will get used every day, but it will also save money on water bills.

Handicap Accessible Bathroom Fixtures: Many times the hardest people to shop for are the elderly. After a long life of gift-receiving, they simply can’t think of anything they want. But wouldn’t it be great to give them a gift that would make using their bathroom easier and safer? Consider bathroom grab bars, shower seats, and handicap toilets. Click to get more handicap accessible bathroom remodeling ideas in the Westport CT area.

If you’re sick of buying the same people the same boring gifts that they don’t really want each year, think outside the gift box and consider a useful plumbing fixture from Rick’s Plumbing. Give us a call for plumbing installations before the holidays!