Preventing Cracked Plumbing Seals in Fairfield, CT and Beyond

prevent cracked plumbingYour home’s plumbing system is far more complex than just a bunch of plumbing pipes that bring water to and throughout your home. Components such as hoses and rubber gaskets are needed to form airtight seals in plumbing pipes and prevent leaks. Over time however, the rubber parts in your home’s plumbing system will crack and leak if they aren’t properly maintained or used.

Cracked plumbing seals can cause leaks and water damage, but with regular plumbing maintenance from the experts at Rick’s Plumbing, you can avoid this problem altogether. We offer a number highly reviewed pipe repair services in Fairfield, CT that will keep your home’s plumbing system flowing smoothly and leak free.

The key to preventing dried, cracked seals and dry rot

The gaskets in your showers and sinks aren’t designed to last forever. Inspecting them for signs of damage and having them replaced as needed goes a long in preventing plumbing leaks and water damage. What you don’t know can hurt you especially when it comes to plumbing maintenance, so be sure to routinely inspect your plumbing seals.

When it comes to preserving the lifespan of rubber gaskets and hoses, keeping them moist. Failure to keep them exposed to water will lead dry rot and cracking. Dry rot is difficult to reverse once it sets in.

If you have a bathroom that’s not used on a regular basis, such as a guest bathroom, or an extra sink in the basement that’s only used occasionally, be sure to turn on the faucet for a few moments every few days to ensure the gaskets remain lubricated. This quick and simple step can save you the headache and expense of plumbing leaks.

A common area where rubber seals may leak is at the base of your toilet. If you start to notice that your toilet is wet around the base after flushing it may be that the seal is broken. You will definitely want to call us if this occurs before water damage to the flooring underneath your toilet gets worse.

Our trusted Fairfield, CT plumbing service is dedicated to your safety and satisfaction. Call Rick’s Plumbing today for a money and time saving plumbing inspection!