Why You Should Choose Quality Plumbing Fixtures Installed By a Reputable New Haven Plumbing Company

Quality Level MeterWhen a water heater, plumbing pipe, faucet, toilet, or other plumbing fixture breaks, many people’s first instinct is to opt for the cheapest replacement available, installed by the cheapest plumbing installer available. While Rick’s Plumbing understands the need for cost-effective plumbing solutions, too often the cheapest option will fail to meet your expectations.

Reasons to Choose Quality Plumbing Fixtures & Professional Plumbing Installation in New Haven

  • Life Expectancy – If you opt for a poor quality plumbing fixture, or installation by a less-than-savvy plumber, it’s likely that your new fixture won’t last as long as it should.
  • Aesthetics – Every product you choose for your home will attribute to your home’s overall quality and appearance. Do you want your home to look cheap or do you want to take pride in all of its details?
  • Water Damages – A plumbing fixture that breaks easily or isn’t installed properly could potentially damage your home.
  • Warranties – Oftentimes warranties on plumbing products are void of they are not installed by a professional plumber.
  • Safety – A gas line replacement or gas water heater replacement done improperly could present a serious safety hazard.

At Rick’s Plumbing, our plumbing contractors will repair or install any make or model of plumbing fixture, but we’re also keen on helping our customers to make informed decisions about their homes’ plumbing systems. We know which plumbing fixtures will last the longest and can determine which will work best in your particular home. For help choosing great, long lasting, plumbing fixtures and for professional plumbing installation in New Haven, call Rick’s Plumbing!