Need a Boiler Upgrade? Rick's Plumbing Provides Temporary Hot Water.

Boiler UpgradeTrust Rick’s Plumbing to keep the hot water flowing while we work! Unlike our competition, we come prepared with an electric water heater to keep your showers and kitchen needs available to you. You can expect to only have your hot water interrupted for a few hours while we make the switch.

When Rick’s Plumbing Service, Inc. gives a price for a major boiler change out or an oil to gas conversion, and the project is going to take more than one day, we provide temporary hot water via an electric water heater.

We have a licensed electrician come and put a temporary set of breakers in the electrical panel and wire in a temporary water heater. We then tie the hot and cold water lines into the heater and turn the power on. And there you go, temporary hot water.

This allows you to stay in your home while we are doing the work. Most of these jobs take multiple days with the need for permits and inspections of new gas lines. A lot of times there isn’t a lot of room to place a new boiler next to an old boiler and keep the old boiler running while the new boiler is being installed. However, the temporary water heater can be remotely located to make room for the new mechanical equipment.

This process allows you to stay in your home, which means a less disruptive process. Nobody wants to go several days without hot water or have to move out to a hotel while we are working on their home.  When we do the job, they will only be without hot water for a few hours.

To find out more about how convenient we try to make a boiler or oil to gas conversion at your New Haven home, get in touch with us at Ricks Plumbing. Make sure to check out our money-saving coupons when you call to make an appointment.