What causes low water pressure in Stratford, CT?

Low Water PressureYou may have noticed your water pressure is not what it once was. Depending on whether that change has happened over days, months or years will go a long way to helping you determine the cause of your low water pressure.

There are 2 shut-off valves that control the water coming into your home. The first is the one that is controlled by your city or town. If your neighborhood has recently had work done, and you have noticed a change in your water pressure, it is possible that the valve was not fully reopened.

The second main valve is one that you can control, and if you haven’t already located it, now is the time to do so. It is usually located in a garage or basement near where the water enters into your home. Locate your water meter and start investigating from there. Make sure this valve is fully open.

Some homes have a Pressure Regulator installed. The Pressure Regular has the task of monitoring the pressure coming into your plumbing system to safeguard it against spikes that could damage your pipes. You may have noticed a sudden reduction or addition in water pressure. That could be a warning sign that the regulator needs to be replaced. We suggest giving us a call if that is the case.

The worse scenario is if your plumbing system has become so corroded with buildup that water is not running freely through your pipes. That could signal the need to re-pipe your system. But before fearing the worse, schedule an appointment with us and we’ll come out and determine what the most cost effective solution would be for your home.

If you need help determining the cause of low water pressure problems, check out our money saving coupons and then give Rick’s Plumbing a call If you need it quick, call Rick!