What is a Plumbing Snake?

Plumbing SnakeThe most simplest plumbing snake is a coiled metal cable with a hand crank to move it along its journey. It’s job is to somehow slither its way through your sink or bathtub drain on an adventure to find the clog that is making your life miserable.

A manual Plumbing Snake is available in 25 or 50 foot lengths and most handy homeowners consider one of these a must have. It is available in most home improvement stores, and comes with an affordable price tag.
A Toilet Auger use a slightly different type of design that is for a toilet’s odd shape. It boasts a bend that is specifically useful to fit through the bottom of the toilet bowl.

A Mini-Rooter is an electric snake that is at least 50 to 75 feet long that may come with attachments to cut through clogs. These attachments make this a safety issue for anyone not confident with using such a tool. They are not usually powerful enough to make a way through tree roots.

A Sewer Auger can be rented for those feeling exceptionally adventurous. But keep in mind, these machines are typically professional-grade, and not all plumbing systems are created the same. Depending on the age and the general condition, the use of a sewer auger by a non-professional could cause damage to your home’s system.

Also remember that when working with clogs, being successful usually also means making a mess. Prepare your work area with rags. Your goal is to win the fight against a clog, sometimes that means pulling it out, not just pushing it through.

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