4 Common Garbage Disposal Problems and How to Fix Them

Garbage Disposal Repair Milford, CTA home’s garbage disposal is an often-misused appliance. It is also one of the most crucial to a clean kitchen. It’s an indispensable item in your household, right? When a problem develops, your sink may experience issues, too. Clogs, odd smells, and clean-up are no fun for anyone. You can avoid such problems by scheduling maintenance and learning of the warning signs.

Jammed Garbage Disposal

The most common issue a garbage disposal faces is a jam. First and foremost, make sure to flip the on-switch and listen for the telltale hum. This noise will let you know whether something is caught between the impellers and shredding ring.

To solve the issue, either call for an experienced plumber or insert an offset wrench into the bottom slot, turning clockwise, then counterclockwise.


The second most common problem is leaking. First, shut down the disposal. If the top flange is the cause of the leak, remove the disposal using a clockwise turn starting at the bottom.

If the cause is elsewhere, your best bet may be to hire an experienced plumber to handle the leak.

No Power

Leaks are one thing, but a lack of power to your garbage disposal is another issue altogether. If this is the case, first make sure the plug has not come loose. This is a standard problem in an active household. Next, check the circuit breaker. Finally, if nothing has worked thus far, you may have a damaged disposal or switch.


Clogs are easily avoidable, and yet one of the most common disposal problems in your average household. The easiest way to solve a clog is by preventing one altogether. Do not toss grease, glass, or large chunks of food down the drain. These are sure to cause clogs. If the issue persists, call for professional drain cleaning service.

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