Is Your New Haven Home Baby & Puppy Proofed for Your Holiday Party?

Baby & Puppy Proof Holiday PartyHoliday parties are a great way to reconnect with family and friends.  But, is your home prepared for curious little fingers and paws investigating the dangers that may reside in your home?

Before the party starts, here’s a few things to check on before guests arrive:

  • Holiday plants, such as Poinsettia and mistletoe are poisonous to dogs and cats. Make sure to keep them out of reach.
  • Children and pets are curious creatures. Make sure to check your kitchen and bathroom cupboards for toxic chemicals, glass that can break, or anything else you think they should not get into. Move those things to higher ground or buy some cupboard latches. Many stores sell latches now that don’t require drilling holes and can fit a variety of knobs and pulls.
  • Make sure your water heater is set to a safe temperature for small visitors. 120 degrees is the recommended temperature for households, according to the CDC (center for disease control).
  • We’re sure that if you have an outdoor pool, you’ve taken all the safety precautions to prevent accidental drowning. But according to the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission), toddlers can drown in toilets too! That sounds silly but it happens. Make sure to keep bathroom doors shut, toddlers supervised, or buy a latch for the toilet lid.  
  • Now that you have that Christmas tree decorated perfectly, take another look and see what babies or puppies could reach from the ground. Favorite ornaments, breakable ornaments, edible ornaments and decorations should all be kept higher on the tree. The Christmas tree and decorations are irresistible to children.  

Make your home a safe environment for everyone, and you can reap the rewards of entertaining! When you need plumbing services in the New Haven or Fairfield County, check out our money saving coupons and then give Ricks Plumbing a call. If you need it quick, call Rick!