Bathroom Tips for Your New Years Eve Party

Bathroom Tips for Your New Years Eve PartyNew Year’s Eve parties are going to be hosted around the world in a few days. Many of them will cater to families, while others will be enjoying their young age while they can. There will be countless party themes and even more traditions to follow. But the only room that will be more important to your guests than the kitchen is the bathroom!

Nobody ever said cleaning a bathroom was fun, at least no one we know, but it’s got to be done. Of course you want a clean home to show off to guests, but time in a bathroom, away from the hustle and bustle of the party, is a time your guests will notice the cleanliness of your bathroom.

And while they are escaping from the festivities for a moment, they will also notice how welcoming your bathroom is. A few small momentos to show off your personality and even a few lit candles can add to the warm feeling your guests should get from your home. Of course, if little ones will be visiting, take note where you place these items away from their small hands.

Privacy can be an issue in a bathroom (even when there is not a party outside). Consider leaving air freshener of your choosing and perhaps even soft holiday music to help keep embarrassing smells and sounds a little less obvious to passerbys.

Extra toilet paper should always be available. Using the last few sheets and not being able to replace it can be more than inconvenient to the next person. I’m sure you don’t want to be interrupted mid-conversation to be asked where the toilet paper is.

If your toilet starts acting up before or after your party, give us a call. Your new year shouldn’t be started with a plunger one hand, and a mop in the other.

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