3 Cold Weather Plumbing Maintenance Tips Every West Haven, CT Homeowner Should Fall For!

Summer has come and gone, but at Rick’s Plumbing Services, Inc., the fun is just beginning!

As beautiful as sweater weather can be in the fall, brisk temperatures serve as a constant reminder of winter, a season which can wreak havoc on your home if you’re not fully prepared. In many areas of the country such as here in West Haven and the rest of the Northeast, the arrival of winter can be sudden. This often causes classic homeowner headaches such as costly plumbing repairs due to frozen pipes or burst piping.

As common as these plumbing repairs are, you don’t have to suffer from them. Our experienced team of West Haven plumbing professionals can you help save time and money this fall by getting your plumbing in tip-top shape for winter. Aside from plumbing repairs, we also specialize in preventative plumbing maintenance.

Here are 3 simple preventative measures every West Haven homeowner should do this fall.

Disconnect outside hoses

Your outside hoses saw a lot of use during the summer, but in the fall they have no business being left outside. Now is the time to disconnect any and all outside hoses and safely store them away until the spring. This also includes ensuring outside faucets are completely drained and shut off. Water left in a hoses and faucets outside will naturally freeze and expand in cold temperatures, eventually causing faucets inside your home to freeze or burst. Similarly, it’s also important to make sure your outdoor faucets aren’t dripping or leaking. Even the tiniest of leaks can cause big damage.

Keep your gutters clean

Remember how important it was to keep your room clean and tidy as a kid? As an adult, keeping your gutters clean is just as — if not more — important! Multicolored leaves are a cornerstone of fall in the Northeast but they don’t belong in your home’s gutters and downspouts. While they might seem harmless, fallen leaves and debris in gutters often leads to major drainage issues. Not only can rain water overflow and seep into your home’s foundation, but it can also freeze and expand throughout the cold season. In many cases, this causes breakages, roof damage, and host of other repairs.

Inspect your pipes

Exposed piping may have been the least of your concerns when the weather was warmer, but now that things have cooled down a bit they should be your top priority. Many people assume piping in crawlspaces, garages, and other enclosed areas are safe during the cold season, but any exposed piping can be a major area of concern for potential freezing. These pipes are just as likely to freeze as those located outside your home. As such, it’s important to keep an eye out for opportunities for frozen pipes before temperatures get too cold. Frozen and burst piping can spell trouble for your water and plumbing, so it’s a good idea to inspect the condition of your pipes beforehand. Covering or insulating any exposed piping is an excellent way to prevent freezing, as it provides a protective barrier against the elements.

Prevent damage, save time, money, and a headache or two by contacting Rick’s Plumbing Services, Inc., at the first sign of trouble. Not sure what trouble looks like? No problem! Allow our team expert team of friendly West Haven plumbing professionals to help you. Just give us a call!