Could a Simple Water Heater Repair Fix Your Broken Water Heater in New Haven, CT?

ricksplumbingJust because your water heater is having problems does not necessarily mean that you need to run out and purchase a water heater replacement right away. While some serious issues cannot be remedied, there are many minor problems that can be fixed with a replacement part or water heater maintenance. For a water heater repair in New Haven to fix any of the following problems, just call Rick’s Plumbing!

Rust-Colored Water – Water heaters are equipped with a special anode rod that slowly dissolves, preventing rust from forming inside the tank. When this rod has dissolved, you’ll begin to see rust in your tap water. Rather than pay for a whole new water heater, you can just purchase a new anode rod from your local plumber! Sometimes, though, water that is discolored for longer periods of time is a sign that you need new hot water pipes or a new water heater.

Water That Isn’t Hot – First, you’ll want to check to see if the pilot light is on. If the pilot light is on, you may need to replace the water heater control valve. If you find yourself repeatedly lighting a pilot light that won’t stay lit, you may need to replace the thermocouple. For an electric water heater, it’s possible that you need a new thermostat or upper heating element.

Water Leaks – Sometimes water inside the tank overheats and the relief valve releases the boiling water to relieve the pressure. Lowering the thermostat temperature may fix the problem, but you may also need a new relief valve. If the water leak is occurring because your tank is corroded, the right move will be to opt for a water heater replacement.

Smelly Water – If the water coming from your water heater smells foul, it’s time for water heater maintenance. The water in your water heater is probably infected with bacteria. Your plumber can flush out your water heater to put an end to the stench. The odor may also be a sign that you need to replace the anode rod.

Water Heater Noises – A buildup of sediment at the bottom of your water heater can cause it to make strange noises and also to operate inefficiently. Flushing your water heater will remove the sediment and minimize this problem. If you hear whining noises coming from an electric water heater, there is probably sediment built up on the heater elements. These parts can be removed and cleaned.

Why buy a water heater replacement in New Haven  if an inexpensive repair will do the trick? Our expert plumbers can examine your water heater, diagnose the issue, and help you to determine if a water heater repair will be effective and worthwhile. If it turns out you do need a new water heater, our plumbers can work with you to choose one that meets the new water heater standards that took effect in April of 2015. Rick’s Plumbing is here to help; just give us a call today!