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June 30th, 2015 in Hard Water, Water Quality, Water Softeners, Water Treatment

Signs That You Have Hard Water in New Haven, CT

Water Softeners New Haven, CTThe first step to figuring out if you have hard water is knowing what it is. So, what is hard water? Hard water is water that has a high mineral content. Though cities treat water to remove harmful substances, they do not remove all of these minerals. Consuming hard water is not a health hazard for humans or animals, but hard water can cause other problems around your home. To determine if you have hard water at your home, look for the following signs.

Signs That You Have Hard Water in New Haven, CT

  • You notice a white residue on items at your home that come into contact with your water. These items can include coffee pots, tea kettles, showerheads, pots, and pans. This same residue can build in your plumbing pipes, causing pipe corrosion, water leaks, or poor water pressure. Mineral deposits can take a toll on your other appliances that use water as well, like your washing machine and dishwasher.
  • It seems to cost more than normal to heat your water. The function of your water heater can be negatively impacted by hard water. Minerals deposited in your water heater by the hard water can render the heating element less effective, thereby driving up the cost of your gas or electric bill.
  • Cleaning your shower, bathtub, and sink is very difficult. The minerals left behind by hard water can make cleaning your bathroom a daunting task. Tough scrubbing may be required to make surfaces that come into contact with water look clean again.
  • Your clothes and linens do not come out of your laundry machine as clean as they should. Hard water can cause your laundry to come out stained, dingy, or dull. The hard water can damage the fibers, causing clothes to be less comfortable.
  • Your skin and hair feel dry after you bathe. Because hard water makes removing soap more difficult, a film can be left behind which can make your skin and hair feel uncharacteristically dry.

If hard water is causing problems at your home, it’s time to speak with a local plumber about finding the appropriate solution. Don’t suffer the consequences of hard water in New Haven, CT for another day—contact Rick’s Plumbing for assistance!

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