How Tall Should My Toilet Be?

How Tall Should My Toilet Be?Believe it or not, the height of your toilet should be just as important as considering the basic characteristics of replacing your favorite easy chair. Do your feet touch the ground when you sit in it? Do you use the arms to lift yourself out of the chair?

Toilet Height

Standard Size: The standard height of a toilet is 15 to 16 inches high. This is the size you will come across in most older homes, but as homeowners update, the comfort height toilets are gaining in popularity.
Comfort Height: These range from 17-19 inches high and are intended for adults with an average height or those who have more difficult raising up from the seat. You will find them growing in number in public places to conform with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act.)

Factors to Consider

It is important that when sitting on the toilet, both of your feet touch the ground. While a taller toilet can sometimes make it easier for the elderly and/or disabled to stand up, not everyone in the family may be comfortable with the increased height.

Take a Measurement: Sit on a sturdy chair (not your overstuffed recliner) that allows both of your feet to be firmly planted on the floor. Take a measurement from the crease of your knee to the floor. That number should give you an idea of what toilet height would be the most comfortable for you.

For those needing help rising off the seat, consider installing a standing pole or toilet rail to compromise for the height, and give the added assistance. The number of bathrooms and who the users will be will help you decide if you should install different height toilets in different bathrooms.

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