How to Unblock a Sink Drain Trap

How to Unblock a Sink Drain TrapUnder your sink is a curved section of pipe. No, it’s main function is not just to trap unwanted hair and grease under the sink … even though it does that quite often. That curve allows a certain amount of water to collect and form a barrier, so that sewer gas isn’t allowed to freely enter your home and smell up your sink. But, yes, it also seems to keep unwanted material from flowing through your pipes.

Just a reminder: if all of your sinks are running slowly, then we don’t believe a clogged sink drain trap is your problem. The issue may be in your main sewer line. Give us a call to diagnose the issue.

If you have a slow running or clogged sink in only one room of your home, one of the first things to check is the sink drain trap. So, let’s get started!

Clear out everything from under the sink to provide you with a clear working area. You are going to want a bucket to place under that elbow shaped drain trap you are about to loosen. Once you are wearing proper clothes and are prepared for dirty water, take a look and see what the most comfortable position is going to be that will allow you to unscrew those slip joint nuts either by hand or with a pair of pliers or wrench.

If you’ve succeeded in opening up the sink trap, we hope you found your clog. Make sure to empty it all into the bucket, and while you have it open, take a bottle brush and remove any other debris you can find access to.

If you did not find a clog, uh oh. That means you are going to need to snake out the drain … or our favorite choice … give us a call. We love unclogging drains!

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