The Myths & Facts about Low-Flow Toilets & Showerheads in Milford & New Haven

Wasting MoneyMany of our customers would like to conserve water in Milford and New Haven, but they don’t want to sacrifice convenience by opting for green plumbing fixtures that won’t function well enough. People know that low-flow toilets and showerheads will save them water each month, but they may have heard a few negatives regarding the function of these fixtures. At Rick’s Plumbing, we know a good plumbing fixture when we see one, and we’re ready to dispel he myths about low-flow showerheads and toilets.

Low-Flow Toilets

The myths about low-flow toilets are numerous: You have to flush twice. Your toilet will clog frequently. Waste will streak the bowl and you’ll have to clean it more often. While there was a time when low-flow plumbing technology was new that these problems did occur, advancements in the design of high-efficiency toilets have made these issues things of the past. Today’s low-flow toilets are far better than first-generation low-flow toilets, and you’ll be able to count on them to function well while also conserving water.

Low-Flow Showerheads

The most common myth here is that instead of enjoying warm, long showers with ample water to cleanse your hair and body, you’ll have to suffer through your showers with a weak trickle of water. This is not the case! A low-flow showerhead will not alter your shower’s water pressure. Yes, the amount of water that comes out of your showerhead per minute will be less, but you’ll still get a strong spray and full water coverage. A low-flow showerhead will not be sub-par to the one you have now, but it will help you to conserve water day after day.

Don’t let the myths of low-flow plumbing fixtures keep you from conserving water and saving money on your water bills! At Rick’s Plumbing, we can help you to choose and install green plumbing fixtures  that will perform just as well as your current fixtures!