5 Ways Water Can Spoil Your Day in New Haven, CT

An image of an overflowing toilet.The truth is that our New Haven plumbing company loves water. We love drinking it, swimming in it, and we really appreciate that it cleans up our clothes real nice after a long day. We love it so much we help people conserve water and make sure it’s fresh and clean and drinkable. But what we don’t love are these five ways that water can turn your day upside-down in an instant!

Water can spoil your day by:

  1. Overflowing Your Toilets – What goes in must never ever come out! When water comes up over the brim, you know there is about to be a mess that will completely change the course of your day. If your toilet keeps disobeying your orders, give us a call for drain cleaning or new toilet installation.
  2. Leaving a Hideous Ring on Your Coffee Table – Condensation has no sympathy for your coffee tables no matter how much they cost. Use a coaster or prepare to get out the sander.
  3. Freezing Your Plumbing Pipes – A frozen pipe can burst, sending hundreds of gallons of water into your home. Hopefully your insurance will cover the water damage, but it will completely spoil your day either way.
  4. Mildewing Your Clothes – You may use cold water to wash your clothes to save on energy, but if you don’t take your clothes out immediately after the wash they can become musty pretty fast. Remove your laundry right after the load is complete.
  5. Flooding Your Basement or Cellar – Flooded basements are one of the most common plumbing emergencies. No one wants to have to use their kayak to get around downstairs, so be sure to check your sump pump regularly to prevent this watery disaster.

If you’re lucky, water hasn’t spoiled your day today and it won’t spoil your day tomorrow. But if water ever pulls a #1, #3, or #5 on you, give Rick’s Plumbing a call right away!