How to Prevent a Burst Washing Machine Hose in West Haven, CT

Hose Flexible Metal BraidA leaky toilet or faucet can waste water and cause significant water damage over time, but a burst washing machine hose can cause catastrophic water loss and damage in seconds. When a washing machine hose breaks, there’s nothing to stop gallons upon gallons of water from dumping all over your floors, furniture, and possessions. To prevent a burst washing machine hose in West Haven, CT, you’ll need to take steps regularly to ensure that your hoses are still up for the task.

Tips on How to Prevent Your Washing Machine Hose from Bursting in West Haven, CT

  • Keep your washer at least four inches away from the wall. This will help to prevent the hoses from bending and kinking.
  • Check your washing machine’s supply lines every month. Signs to look for include: loose connections, cracks, worn tubing, and blisters.
  • When inspecting your hoses, pay special attention to the area near the connection where the hose likely bends.
  • Tighten connections that are loose.
  • Replace your washing machine hoses if they show any signs of wear or damage.
  • Replace ALL washing machine supply lines every three to five years even if you don’t see any wear. Sometimes deterioration begins from the inside out, and you won’t be able to spot the problem before it is too late!
  • Replace rubber washing machine hoses with stainless steel braided hoses. These are inexpensive and are more resistant to bursting.
  • Only operate the washing machine when you’re home.
  • When you go away on vacation turn off both the hot and cold water supply valves.

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